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What happens under your skin when a mosquito bites

Although mosquito tongues are analogous to needles, they are actually mobile and flexible structures. After puncturing the skin, the tongue searches for a blood vessel to feast on. Here’s what happens when a mosquito bites you:

Also fascinating is:

“When the mosquitoes were infected with the Plasmodium parasites that cause malaria, they spent more time probing around for blood vessels. It’s not clear why—the parasites could be controlling the insect’s nervous system or changing the activity of genes in its mouthparts. Either way, the infected mosquitoes give up much less readily in their search for blood, which presumably increases the odds that the parasites will enter a new host.”

It’s also possible that the mosquito’s tongue mobility or sucking ability is hindered when colonized by Plasmodium, causing the mosquito to spend a longer time searching for blood vessels, and increasing the probability of a Plasmodium to leave the mosquito and enter a new host. Maybe Yellow Fever and Dengue elicit a similar response?

Full article from natgeo here:

Here’s what happens inside you when a mosquito bites

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