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What the Hell, Humans?

COME ON, PEOPLE! Honestly. Muslim riots, Anti-Japanese protests, hate-everything-not-me attitude. We are, astronomically speaking, living in the same zip code, same town, same house, same room even. And yet we can’t just get along. We’re no better than Ruby, my betta fish that requires a weekly bowl cleaning, a daily feeding, and can’t be put in a tank with another fish simply because it won’t play nice.

Now, take a close look at the picture on the left, courtesy of BBC news. Those are children at the center of the Anti-Japanese protests in China. How is it at all possible that children can have such strong opinions about something they likely can’t even mentally process?

Indoctrination. The impressionable young minds of today are the radicals of tomorrow. Parents can’t resist the temptation of inflicting their opinions on their children. Understand that I have no problem with opinions; you have them, I have them, we all have them. However, I do have a problem with the imposition of those opinions. If you’re a vegan, I’m not going to force feed you bacon and likewise I wouldn’t want you replacing that delicious slab of meat and grease with a soy, broccoli, corn slime. Subtle, I know.

The things we teach our children should be based on facts. There is a plethora of information literally at our fingertips, and yet we choose to hinder the progress of future generations through pounding creationism and racism in their brains. I’m not saying that good parenting means letting your children develop their own opinions. Oh wait, yes I am. Let them develop their own damn opinions! Guide them, and give them options, but let them make their own decisions about the existence or absence of deities. Don’t raise them as jerks, and they probably won’t become jerks. Tell them that the 7 billion of us are a stuck on this little floating rock and fighting about it won’t make it easier.

I wonder if the dinosaurs ever had this problem. Stop telling your kids to hate everything.

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