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Libya and Beyond: Don’t Worry, it’s Only Anarchy

I posted last December some reasons as to why countries might be better off with “bad” dictators. Exhibit A: Libya. Exhibit B: Syria. Clearly something has gone wrong.

While ousting their dictators to free themselves of the tyranny, it seems pretty clear that these rebels are unaware of what they are getting themselves into. The absence of leadership makes room for something worse to take its place. Similar to how Clostridium difficile infects the gut after doses of post-surgery antibiotics rid the body of good commensal bacteria, these countries become easily overrun by other religious zealots.

BBC: Syria Conflict: Jihadists’ Role Growing

Zawahiri urges Muslims to help rebels in Syria oust dictator

Right now, several western embassies are coming under heavy fire due to the anti-islamic video produced by Sam Bacile. While several middle eastern political heads claim not to blame the American government for the creation of such a video, it seems that they do not hold the same opinions as their religious members. The situation is incredibly complex, with politics, religion, media, and military all colliding. However, there appears to be a root to all of this dissent, and it is religion.

Religion has been an impressive tool for keeping its members in check. What better way to impose rules on a group of individuals than to tell them that a god is watching? Regardless of my negative views on religion and its dissemination through indoctrination, it has clearly sent this situation from bad to worse and soon to impossible.

And irony hits them directly in the face. For a long time, religious groups have been portrayed by their fanatics and general misbehavior. These riots do an excellent job of legitimizing those depictions. Although it seems that I am speaking of the Islamic riots, I mean the same for the Christian right-wing. There is no place for religious ideals in politics; there’s no room for unfounded beliefs in social welfare, or anything for that matter.

We need to deal with this situation (and every situation) logically. But with religion having a strong grip on the masses, each day that passes just brings us one step closer to anarchy and irresolution.

“For men change their rulers willingly, hoping to better themselves and this hope induces them to take up arms against him who rules; wherein they are deceived, because they afterwards find by experience they have gone from bad to worse.” – Machiavelli in The Prince

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