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If You’re That Dumb, You Deserve to Get Maced

Firstly, to the “99%”:

Shame on the police? Maybe. Shame on the protesters? Most definitely. Shame on them for taking advantage of weak-minded masses of followers who believe they are protesting something that makes sense. The Occupy movement has taken over my radio. Everyday on NPR, I hear an interview with OccupyIdiot who thinks people are too rich, and OccupyIdiot is too poor.

I’m not sympathetic toward either group. The police execute laws set by the government, and sometimes things get out of hand. But if you think this is a justified protest then you deserve to get maced.

What are your goals? I once heard OccupyIdiot say they are seeking “economic equality.” Refer to Archives: October to read arguments against. If I ever meet that guy someone is going to have to restrain me before this happens.

The Occupy Protesters are more greedy, and less hard working than the “1%.” You’ve spent months complaining about how difficult it is to make money.

Perhaps you should start cooking meth. Maybe then you won’t be complaining.

Yeah, science!

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