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How To Be More Efficient

It's wasting away as you read this caption.

There are only 24 hours in the day. What I find incredibly annoying is the amount of time we waste. I find that the best technology not only saves you time, but makes multi-tasking much easier.

Take for example, the shower radio. It couples entertainment with hygiene, saving you valuable time during the day that you would normally spend reading a newspaper. The iPhone has allowed us to carry our work, books, phone, and social networking in our pockets, giving us easy access to it whenever we might have a minute to spare.

Imagine this with cars.

Although it may seem overwhelming, I still think we don’t save enough time. We always complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day. We should take efficiency to a whole new level. Dish washers should be self-feeding. Wet laundry should immediately feed into the dryer. We should shave and brush our teeth in the shower, saving not only time but water as well. We could definitely cut on travel time if we installed escalator belts on highways.

Most importantly, people need to get smarter. I mean that people should get their point across without the delay of pleasantries. It’s frustrating when I know where this conversation is headed before you even say it. If your opening word is “football,” I know where you’re going with it before you even say anything. Yes, Denver ran all day. Ok, Larry Fitz destroyed you this week. No, the NBA lockout isn’t over.

Let’s streamline our conversations. You can talk to me while I’m browsing the news. Send me texts and e-mails while you’re walking somewhere. But don’t waste time complaining about how little time you have.

I wasted time complaining about people who waste time complaining about how little time they have. Inceptioned.

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