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Really? THIS is Newsworthy?

CNN ranks their articles by popularity. In theory, the most important news would be at the top and the least at the bottom. Today, I saw this:

The things we care about… Sigh. I had to find what all the fuss is about and in the end it was not worth my 5 seconds. It has become increasingly difficult to find someone other than my PI to discuss real current events with.

I remember in elementary school we used to have presentations each week about a current event. Now I realize why that was so important. Because people live in bubbles.

How many people really pay attention to the news? Of the dozens of people I encounter on a daily basis, only one or two ever have thoughts on “news.” For some reason I’ve heard more about Justin Bieber’s illegitimate child than the Greek collapse (or “recovery”, whichever you want to call it). This irks me.

When does this apathy end? Well, maybe it’s not apathy but rather selfishness. What you don’t realize is that foreign affairs eventually end up affecting your day to day. You might not care about the eurozone crisis, but when your IRA plummets 50%, you’ll see that it matters. You don’t care about overseas drilling affairs? Your gas tank and wallet beg to differ.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. There are an innumerable number of resources available at your fingertips. Most of you who don’t care will simply fall behind and become the “99%”, the rest of us will eventually become your worst nightmares, the “1%”.

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