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Money is Just Another Selective Pressure

Evolution is the change over time of selected traits. In our society, money is just another selective pressure. Selective pressure acts on populations of individuals. Applying this pressure causes particular individuals to be “less fit” and others to be “more fit.”

In a very basic example, big walruses are more likely to mate and feed. Here, fitness is measured by size. In reality, fitness is measured by many factors. In today’s society, fitness can be measured by wealth.

If you are rich, you have higher relative fitness, and the children that inherit your wealth also inherit this fitness. If you’re not, find ways to gain fitness. Money is not the only selective pressure that exists; intelligence, innovation, and perseverance are contributors as well. HP, MSFT, AAPL are excellent examples of this.

Again, to the Occupy-Wall-Street-ers, stop. If you want to take your protesting talents elsewhere, direct them at David Stern and let’s get this NBA season going.

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