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To The “99%”

We call it Occupy Wall Street and it’s ridiculous. Sure, a small percentage of the people in this country make the majority of the money. Accept it.

It’s not supposed to be fair. I’m going to relate this to a basic concept that has been recurring for millions of years. Natural selection. The slowest zebra is going to get eaten by the lion.

Who said it’s supposed to be fair? It’s common sense that things are imbalanced. I don’t see protestors rallying in the streets to complain about Wes Welker’s athleticism, or Usain Bolt’s speed. That’s not fair either. Nothing is fair.

We always need to find someone to blame. You only make 30k a year. Since when has that ever been anyone else’s problem? You’re the slow zebra. The lion eats you and the rest of us are safe. Selfishness drives competition. Competition promotes growth/evolution.

In our example of “survival of the fittest,” fitness is measured by wealth.

Accept it, they’re making more money (higher fitness) because they’re smarter, more innovative, and/or have a better understanding of the system and its loopholes. Quit complaining about the success of others and do something for yourself.

  1. doich
    October 19, 2011 at 18:41

    screw herman cain. you should run for president

  2. D
    October 19, 2011 at 20:18

    I’m thinking about it. I accept all campaign donations.

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