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Less Sleep, More YouTube

I used to sleep around 7 hours a day, until I realized I could get more done by sleeping less. Though I have basically nothing to show for these extra hours spent awake, I feel better knowing I’m not wasting my time sleeping.

I realize the irony; I’ve probably squandered thousands of hours on YouTube and Wikipedia. Blame the internet? Blame Al Gore.

Some people may need their 8 hours a day, Einstein claimed to have slept 10 or more hours a day. Born in 1879 and publishing ground-breaking papers in 1905, Einstein really began his career when he was 26. Einstein lived until he was 76. He published roughly 300 papers in that 50 year span. If we assume he spent 14 of his 24 hours awake and working (thinking) without holidays, it took him ~850 hours per paper. Wow.

If he had slept only 8 hours a day, he might have published another 50 papers.

His 10 hours of sleep may have been the source of his genius, but I doubt it.

Side note: Waste some time with Troy and Abed in the mooooorning!

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