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Thirteen’s Unlucky, oh and Practice?

Jamaal Charles gone. NBA season soon lost. Greece, Italy, Spain broke. Libya a disaster. An earthquake in DC. The Rapture is here!!

Sarcasm. I very much disapprove of religious nuts.

Apple stock (AAPL) rose 2.78% in a day where the S&P fell over 2% in the first hour of trading.

Greece owes roughly $350 billion. Apple’s market cap is $380 billion and as of July 29th, 2011, carried $76.4 billion in cash reserve. Something about these numbers is funny. I’m beginning to think that Steve Jobs could run a small country fairly successfully (relative to today’s incredibly low standard).

On paper, so many things make sense; the NBA, deficit reduction, religion, communism, etc. But in practice (see video below), nothing happens as planned. Nothing. Murphy’s Law holds a tight grip on everything.

The reason? We don’t think far enough ahead about the consequences of our actions. For example, do you really know what will happen if Greece defaults? How will things change if the USPS gets shut down? There are too many things in play to even imagine the widespread effect in either of these scenarios. In short, it’s the butterfly effect.

With that in mind…


Number thirteen: Play Chess.

The game is very simple with only 6 different types of pieces on an 8×8 board, but also unbelievably complex. “The number of legal chess positions is 10^40, the number of different possible games, 10^120” (blog.chess.com). In some ways chess mirrors life in that every action has a reaction; it teaches us cause and effect. In life, your possibilities are endless whereas chess is relatively finite. And like all things, chess requires practice.

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