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Did I Hear No Capital Gains Tax? (@GOP)

Wow @GOP Debate. I think I just heard “remove all interest, dividends, and capital gains tax.”

A while ago I did the numbers on how to become a millionaire in 15 years.

Of course, to make 20% annually would mean beating the market consistently (by a longshot), which I am fairly certain is next to impossible. But maybe for Han Solo, “never tell me the odds.”

Cypress Sharpridge Investments (NYSE:CYS) “is a specialty finance company created with the objective of achieving consistent risk-adjusted investment income.” Here’s the sparknotes: since June 2009 the stock price has wildly fluctuated between just under 12 to mid 14s. Here’s the kicker, CYS pays an 18.22% annual dividend (currently .60c/share). With a dividend like that, I could care less what this company hedges its investments with.

Rick Perry was getting pummeled over his decision to mandate the HPV vaccine for 12 year old girls. Absolutely slaughtered, even after apologizing claiming he would take it back if he could. What really surprised me was when he said something like “we were trying to get rid of this cancer.” Misinformed much? Cervical cancer is linked to HPV. They’re not the same thing and frankly I’m not even sure he understands what a vaccine is.

Bachmann, also not so science savvy, began making the argument that Perry was subjecting these girls to potentially harmful vaccines. Vaccines all carry an inherent risk, but the idea is to protect as many people as possible given the possibility that 0.1% of the population may have a negative reaction to the drug. Every drug has side effects that may or may not affect most individuals. The real issue is herd immunity (Community Immunity (“Herd” Immunity)).

Science > Politics, Religion, Business, All. Hearing politicians discuss science is leading me to believe that we need a PhD for a president (one who understands leadership, economics, psychology and obviously many areas of science). In my opinion, politics has always been a fight over who can dig more dirt rather than who has more knowledge or can really provide us with what we need.

Please feel free to remove the capital gains tax, I’d gladly take that over social security any day.

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