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There’s a Fire…

I remember when I was 13, I purchased my first album: Linkin’ Park’s Hybrid Theory. I was watching some covers of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and I of course compared them to Linkin’ Park’s version. On YouTube you never stop browsing. The suggestions bar on the right goes on and on just like Wikipedia links. It’s amazing how many memories come flying at you just from hearing a song.

Anyways, coming back from campus I was listening to NPR and tonight they had an interview of the captain (Jay Jonas) of a team of firemen who were in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. This interview was truly vivid.

They had rushed up 26(?) floors to save a woman trapped at the top and during their ascent, they found out that the South Tower had collapsed. However, already having gone past half way, they decided to continue their search and rescue because “that’s what they were there to do.” Even after being given orders to exit the building, they marched on through the flames.

The woman was injured, exhausted, and of course terrified. The firemen knew that saving this woman would slow their rate of descent and after reaching the 10th floor(?), she was too tired to continue. Carrying their hundred pounds of gear, they split the load of one fireman (Billy Butler) so that he would be able to carry her on his shoulders. As they reached the 4th floor, there was a rumble.

The North Tower had begun to collapse, and within seconds, they were going to buried alive. However, by chance they survived. The building collapsed down to the 5th floor. They had all survived, but for hours were stuck in the darkness of dust and rubble that had crashed around them. They eventually got out to tell the story: The Miracle of Ladder Company 6.

Appreciate your days, make the best of what you have. Because:

It happens.

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