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Time Well Spent

“Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s.”

I’ve always been fascinated by time. I find it amusing to see how much time I waste on trivial things like chores, driving, YouTubing, and Wikibrowsing. I’m finding that I waste even more time just because our generation is dominated by overbearing convenience; amazon shipping, constant news feeds, and everything I could ever need being right in front of my face. If I want to do something, I have the option to do it almost regardless of location or priority. Even with work and chores to be done, I find myself on Amazon ordering a shampoo I may not need for another week. From there, of course I check SlickDeals for some coupons (90% of which are completely useless). Then if curiosity sparks, I’m off to Wikipedia.

Being efficient is not something we do well. We have deadlines for everything from eating food to paying bills. Imagine if everyday at work you were able to get just 20% more done. Working 2000 hours/year, you would get an extra 400 hours in. New iPods would be released every 9.6 months instead of every 12. Keep in mind that 20% is less than the difference between the 65 mph California speed limit and the true Los Angeles driving speed of 80 mph.

We rush and cram when we absolutely have to, but we procrastinate up until that moment. According to Why We Procrastinate | LiveScience, citizens “waiting until the last minute to file taxes costs people an average of $400 because of rushing-caused errors, which totaled $473 million in overpayments in 2002.”

Using How to Stop Procrastinating: 7 Timeless Tips, I’ve decided to get things done. I’ve watched The Pursuit of Happyness, Good Will Hunting, and of course “Everybody’s Free” by Baz Luhrmann to get things started. They say old (bad) habits die hard; let’s hope I’m inspired enough to bury this one deep.

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