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The Best Part of Teaching

Today, I realized why I enjoy teaching so much. Not because it’s the one time I get to feel generous when I’m generally dirt cheap (who can say no to free food and AC). No. It’s because of the laughs I get from grading papers. Some of their answers are so ridiculously funny it’s like watching The Hangover for the first time. Their lab drawings are as awesome as Mike Tyson leveling Zach Galifianakis over a tiger (Tiger Song).

It’s also pretty humorous (and maybe a bit rewarding) to see their stunned faces when you expose them to life-altering facts about science. I could see they were so blown away by the fact that plants have DNA, which many of them still probably think is false, that I even had them individually repeat it to me. I find the look on their faces roughly comparable to face of the zOMG cat.

Now if only I could get a few things like this: Funny Exam Answers. Examples below.

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