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What Happened to Music?

Nine years ago I picked up the guitar because of something I heard.

I constantly wonder if anyone else notices, but music has very quickly deteriorated since then. Sure there’s clever lyrics every once in a while, but really the sound (I don’t consider all of it to be music) trending on the radio is creating a huge culture gap. In 10 years, kids won’t even know what a guitar is. They’ll likely be fiddling with autotune from day 1 of music class. Heavy synth and a quick beat are replacing everything that make music so great.

Let’s take, for example, Mariah Carey. Compare her days of Dreamlover to what she’s blasting about now. When you search Mariah Carey on YouTube, there is nothing from her most recent album. Reason? People appreciate her unbelievable voice and emotional lyrics. What we don’t want is another heavy-handed beat that gets paired to anything autotuned (Lady Gaga). I simply can’t call that music.

I’d like to remind everyone about the importance of lyrics. I know Lupe agrees: Hip-Hop Saved My Life .

At times, I do enjoy a good beat but lyrics are far too important to ignore.

In case you enjoyed the first acoustic:

If you’ve never heard the original Fast Car, you’re missing out.

Finally, for fun!:

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