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Inception/The Negotiator Combined

Thirty minutes ago I woke up from the most intense dream I’ve probably ever had in my last 23 years of remembering my dreams. Makes you wonder why you always remember the bad/scary dreams but not the ones where you wake up smiling.

I was a cop with a group of well known detectives. What began as a routine scene quickly escalated into a mindblowing experience. We were in probably the 10th story of some office building. Someone had blown up one of the rooms; papers were everywhere, file cabinets destroyed. And the desk, which had originally been bolted to the floor, had either been thrown or pushed out the window. First it looked like a suicide because the man who worked in the room was pancaked on the pavement out the window. But the man on the floor outside had been crushed by his table. Clearly, someone had done this.

We searched the room and found more explosives rigged under his couch. We quickly left the room as it was obviously unsafe to be there. As another member of the team calls in the bomb squad, I get a call from the security desk telling me the building is secure. I began to think, perhaps the killer is still in the building. I tell some security and the SWAT team that came in with us to go inspect the rooms down the hall. As they leave, I tell the team of detectives that it’s likely the man who did this is still here. I explain that after the explosion, the elevators shut down and the only way to get off the 10th floor is to go down the stairs, but theres no way he could have sprinted down the stairs before the security arrived. So I call the security desk and ask them to check the tapes.

As we wait, a few members from the SWAT team come back to us and give us the “all clear.” I remember thinking that the perpetrator may have killed one of the SWAT members and changed into his clothes (probably my subconscious telling me I watch too many thriller movies). I didn’t know any of the individuals on the SWAT or security team, and half of them had masks on. The only way to know I announce to each of them that we are checking their IDs at the doors to the stairs. One by one, they line up and take their masks off. I remember feeling particularly on edge, watching each of them line up and thinking that if he had an automatic weapon, he could easily shoot us all dead as we stood in one small cramped area near the stairs. But we’ve already begun checking the IDs and badges of roughly 20 men.

With about 5 left to check, I notice a straggler leaning against the wall near another office door and about 20 feet from the stairway door. I dont know why I didn’t aim my gun at him first, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and I point at him. “You! Let me see some ID.” Right at that moment, he lifts his weapon, and I’m thinking to myself how dumb could I be.

His rain of bullets hits several of the SWAT team in their vests and a few security guys get grazed. About 8 of us are still in condition to chase him through the office he quickly darted to. There’s metal clanging, and I know he’s at the fire escape. None of us know the building well enough, and the offices are a complex maze of cubicles, file cabinets and water coolers. I know he’s getting away as we’re getting more and more lost. Finally we get to the escape, just to see the suspect round the nearest street corner. But jumping down flights of stairs, we might catch up to him.

We came running out of the office building, chasing the suspect down some back alleys. With the help of Chloe O’Brian (24 reference) and some traffic cams, we were able to chase him into an old single-screen theatre with a surprising abundance of movie watchers. He did not leave the building after entering and there was only 1 exit, we had him cornered.

Before entering, my team and I holstered and hid our weapons as not to cause a panic, which could aid the suspect’s escape. A tall woman near the front door was talking on her cell phone as we entered. Dark and musty, the movie had not yet begun, but the room was packed with movie watchers. People were chatting amongst themselves, patiently waiting for the movie to start. Me and another detective took 2 seats near the front while others were walking down the aisle to scout the rear. I began slowly looking in the area for hints to who or where the perp (cops always say perp) was.

The movie was about to begin, the lamps went dim. The only light left was the glow from the weak, old projector. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man jump out of his aisle seat with a weapon drawn. Before I could react, two flashes went off the tip of his weapon, presumably killing two detectives in the aisle. My partner and I both drew our weapons just as he was leaping over the 2 bodies and we didn’t hesitate to shoot. The screaming was even louder than the gunshots, and the panic was uncontainable. People darted for the exits, trampling through each other. The rest of my team and I searched the body of the killer to no avail. No clues, no phone, no ID.

I remember thinking to myself, “this dream has to be over now, I got the bad guy. Why isn’t it over?”

The police were on their way to help contain the mayhem outside the theatre. Panicked and distressed, the movie goers got more action than they had paid to see. I heard the same woman on the cell phone outside, but she wasn’t talking like people normally do. Instead of “OMG WTH JUST HAPPENED,” she was saying strange things that sounded like code. I hear, “the rabbit’s out of the hat.” What? And out of nowhere I see someone directly in front of me pull out a weapon. I’m screwed. But it’s not just me getting shot, all of my team is at gunpoint. I hear nothing, the silence is deafening and I almost forget that I’m dreaming. Bang. I hear it before I feel it.

It doesn’t hurt, and I’m not even really sure I got shot. Maybe I got hit in my side, or the arm; either way, I’ll just lay on the floor and fake my death until they leave. My eyes close. Seconds pass slowly, and I begin feeling it. I’m woozy and the floor around me is soaked in red. My heart is beating incredibly fast (I could feel this outside of my dream, in real life). I begin to think “Holy sh*t, I’m going to die.” And I remember it’s all a dream, it must be a dream, please let this be a dream. I literally feel my heart stop and I’m not sure what I’m thinking any more, I must be dead. I’m counting: one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi…

I wake up sweating like a pig, my heart is racing. Not only am I pissed that I didn’t solve the crime, now all I want to do is watch Inception and The Negotiator, at the same time.

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