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The Glass is Half Empty

One day, you decide to leave work early to dodge traffic. You check Sigalert (because, sarcastic tone, Sigalert is so accurate), yep all clear! For the first mile, you can’t wait to get home and use the extra time saved for well deserved nap.

Office Space – Sleeping In

But then all of a sudden, life kicks you in the face with a Chuck Norris roundhouse.

It's 12:00...

That’s right, an accident. Some fools decided to ruin your afternoon nap. You want to feel sympathetic, but you can’t. Not only did they steal your nap, they stole everyone’s nap.

I despise nap thieves more than taxes, war, pollution, terrorism, WMDs, incompetence, religion, planking, and of course double rainbows:

and even some single rainbows (or just this woman):

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