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Bacon Goes With Everything

So the other day I met JimFriend through a friend at a dinner party. He orders chicken, and somehow a discussion began about how he tries to avoid red meat. I immediately began to think Muslim, but he’s white. Sure there are white Muslims but that’s as unlikely as finding a finger in your chili (Chili Finger Incident). His real reason for avoiding red meat is his environmental conscience. It’s as strange to hear as it is to imagine. How does red meat harm the environment? Keep in mind this is not at all my perspective.

The “cost” to produce a cow outweighs the “cost” to produce a chicken (don’t argue just yet). The “cost” he speaks of isn’t money (though it could be more expensive to raise a cow), but energy and land. Cows also produce more methane, methane is a greenhouse gas, thus cows contribute to global warming.

What??? I’m sorry but that’s absurd. Just because you’re not eating it doesn’t mean that animal wasn’t already slaughtered. The energy has already been spent. It’s like saying you don’t want to waste food because children in Africa are starving (US official: Ethiopia underestimating drought need). I’m pretty sure you’re not sending your leftovers to Africa. As for greenhouse gasses, if you don’t eat the cows, then more methane will be produced. By this logic, you should be on a calf-killing rampage; eating veal and cow-tipping should be your number 1 priority. Sure cattle take more land than chickens, but is that really reason enough to not eat red meat?

Update 8/18/11

After much debate, I am willing to concede that out of principle, we can do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. However, I am also a believer in “one man makes no difference” (Jack Bauer, John McClane, Chuck Norris aside). It takes more than just standing on principle. It takes education, education, and more education to put any mark on the information gap that exists in today’s society.

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