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Today, I stumbled across Nokero, a company that produces the world’s only solar powered light bulb (congratulations to inventor Steve Katsaros). In their blog (http://www.nokero.com/blog), they state that their products are manufactured in China, where inflation may dramatically increase Nokero’s costs.

This reminded me of discussion with JohnDoe I had earlier in the year before the budget compromise was passed. JohnDoe told me that the best way to affect this budget crisis is to force those companies taking advantage of cheap labor and costs in China to manufacture in the United States, creating jobs and boosting the economy, also generating tax revenue. Along with cutting unnecessary spending, in theory this is a fairly elegant solution. But how about in practice? Nobody knows of the other loopholes companies like Walmart and Nike can and will find to reduce their costs.

Reading Myths and Facts About the Debt-Ceiling Compromise | The White House further got me thinking about other government spending that the typical American doesn’t realize. “Hundreds of billions of this initial round of cuts will come from security spending.” Having worked for a government program in the past, I realize how seemingly pointless some of these programs are. My intention is not to whistleblow, but to inform.

I once worked for the BioWatch program. The program’s purpose is to protect Americans from bioterrorism threats. The program may be relatively inexpensive to the billions the US government has spent in overseas fighting. Howevever, having seen the program, it is simply in place to give a sense of security. Keyword sense. The protocols the program follows are outdated and provide next to nothing for protection. In the case of a real attack, we don’t need detection, we need prevention. Real protection isn’t deterrence, it’s prevention. We need to keep terrorists from getting their hands on these materials in the first place. Real protection begins with intelligence and counterproliferation, not counterterrorism. An article written in 2010 by a senior policy analyst: Homeland Insecurity: Thinking About CBRN Terrorism.

Back on topic. Government costs have spiraled out of control. If the US government were a person, we’d be this guy:

Actually, we’d be that guy while spending $2.5 million every minute. Don’t forget, he also owes over a trillion $ to China.

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